Thursday, 3 March 2011

Embattled Caritas head insists: 'Dialogue is a two-way street'

Embattled Caritas head insists: 'Dialogue is a two-way street'


  1. Can't be much wrong with a Caritas head who said:

    "... It’s an outward-looking confidence, that says I’m Catholic and I’m caring about you – not because you’re Catholic, but because I am. I think this gives us as the Catholic church a legitimate, credible face within what is a very secular society".

    So sad.
    Rather takes the shine off the LSE experience. Still can't find the post-lecture questions online. Bet this sort of issue didn't arise!

  2. Dialogue? I don't think so.
    1864 A.D. The 'Syllabus of Errors' proclaimed by Pope Pius IX and ratified by the Vatican Council; condemned freedom of religion, conscience, speech, press, and scientific discoveries which are not approved by the Roman Church; and also asserted the pope's temporal authority over all civil rules
    Or did the Second Vatican Council do away with all this?

  3. Des O'Regan4 March 2011 at 10:51

    Dear Anonymous, Although these Errors were not formally infallible, they were irreformable, and those not willing to give interior assent to them are possibly automatically excommunicated. Odedience to the Pope requires submission out of loyalty alone. However, respect for the elderly is demanded also and should be enforced at all times. I live in a security village, and the passers by are constantly using our security phone to ask for work or money.The majority of the residents here are over 75, and this is very frightening for them. I am quite sure that all the negative press is pretty frightening for the elderly cardinals and contributes to the violence of their reactions. I know they have the Swiss guard, which is a comfort, but I bet they are not much better than our security company.
    Fear not, all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds!
    What a grand lady Ms. Knight is, I hope the old gents will meet her soon.
    Greetings from Capetown on Gay Pride Festival Day

  4. Oh yes, and this lady also said that The Vatican was just " a particular brand" of Catholicism, which clearly did not fit her personal brand. No wonder she got the bullet!

  5. In Catholicism today is the Sanctuary still only available to those women carrying a mop?

  6. des O'Regan5 March 2011 at 11:42

    Well! Of course it's a brand, a Roman brand, but not obvious, a bit scuffed like, with age! But still Roman, you no longer see the gibbets along the Appian way, or vulgar power as in "bullets". Ask the German theologians about their dialogue.
    Abrogate rivalry and you get a social miracle, Lovely thought from Ronan Williams, I think!
    Lots of women around here with mops, lovely too,and rather p--d off with men, Thank God.The plan IS working, so Unlapase!

  7. Anon. at the cafe.5 March 2011 at 13:29

    Joke first. Then I'll be more serious later. There is a queue for this computer.

    Have you heard? They are re-furbishing the Vatican residence to accommodate the next Pope's wife and the following one's husband.
    I didn't want to click on this post's link- (Dialogue...), it looked boring but I am glad I did. I looked at the NCR comments. If they really are from men and they are all so positive about expanding women's role why don't they do something. We men are complacent because it doesn't concern us. Nothing theologically against it and don't give me that "representing Christ at the altar" crap. Next time I'll blog about endocrinology.

  8. Anonymous father5 March 2011 at 15:07

    If this had been a male employee we would have probably never heard about it. The pressure on this person to perform without the stridency and assertion allowed, even expected, of a male, must have been great.
    But why close ranks? Why not explain? If she was too radical, say so. If she overstepped the mark doctrinally, in what way?
    If you don't, women will assume it is misogyny from the elderly hierarchy and who can blame them!
    If we alienate and loose the mothers, we will lose the children and the church will continue its atrophy.

  9. Just a little, brief mention of this on BBC Radio 4's Sunday programme would have been nice, but not tomorrow sadly, unless the "rolling news" changes dramatically.
    The RC topic will be the Pope's words on Jewish innocence (with Fr. Joseph Evans and Ed. Kessler of the Centre for Jewish/Christian Relations).
    Major changes can happen but they do take rather a long time don't they?

  10. @Radio Ears.
    I think, for once, the subject covered on this mormings programme was indeed one worth reporting on, and of interest to everyone, not just the dissenting few.

  11. The lecture INCLUDING THE Q&As are available on the LSE site as audio, so no text or transcript of the Q&A’s I’m afraid. : the Archbishop’s lecture is about half way down the page.
    Questions about 50 minutes in.


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