Friday, 16 November 2012

DSRC Theology Forum

Following the recent controversy surrounding the cancellation of my visit to the University of San Diego, we have decided to open a debate on the role of theology, authority and the magisterium, as the first in our postings on the DSRC Theology Forum. We have been planning to start such a moderated forum for some time, but this seems like an opportune moment to raise an important and urgent issue for theological discussion. We hope that, as well as offering academic theologians an opportunity to exchange ideas in brief blog postings and comments, the forum will provide a resource for parishes, RCIA groups, theology students and others who are interested in how different theologians approach questions of contemporary relevance to religious traditions, with a particular but not exclusive emphasis on debates within the Catholic theological tradition. We are delighted to have two of Britain’s best known theologians opening the debate from very different perspectives – an article by Professor Nicholas Lash first published in America magazine, and a response by Professor Gavin D’Costa.

Please do visit the forum and tell us what you think, and share the link with others. We welcome informed, disciplined and courteous discussion from all perspectives, and we also welcome suggestions for topics that you might like to see explored here, or recommendations for possible contributors. If you have an essay, article, video, poem or other artwork that you think would be an appropriate focal point for discussion, please email Thomas Lynch at, or me at

Please note that all comments will be moderated in the interests of maintaining a focused, informed and courteous discussion which is relevant to the topic.

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